Welcome to RHA Online

Founders supporting Founders

About Us

RH Accelerator was founded on the belief that founders should help other founders. We have learned from lessons both hard and bloody hard about what it takes to build, grow and lead world class organizations.

We know that the journey is long and rewarding. Our goal is to make the experience of running a company more about you learning through hard lessons and helping you to avoid the bloody ones. 

We started offering our services in London, Ontario - and realized fairly quickly that there is a lot more that we could do to help. We were confined to space and time. We realized that many of the benefits we provide to founders could be delivered online - online allows us to help more founders than our regular RHA Program.

Why You Should Join Us

RHA Online allows us to offer a part of the full RH Accelerator experience without the formal enrollment in the program. We are offering this service for free to the founder community to support companies with responding to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. 

The RHA Online brings together the following resources in a virtual coworking space:

  • Access and connections to other founders

  • A safe space to share ideas, concepts and get feedback before hitting the market.

  • Access to founders and mentors and people who care about building great businesses.

  • Resources collected and shared on best practices on running a business.

  • Video recordings of RH Accelerator community workshops.

  • Weekly video check-ins, meetings and AMAs.

We bring together founders from across the experience spectrum from beginner to veteran. Together, we seek to problem solve, learn and grow amongst changing world challenges.

We need you.

We created RHA Online to bring together the people important to us in a way that’s focused, valuable, and––most importantly––all our own. There’s no question it’s a different approach. And a new one, which may have a bit of a learning curve. We could have created a group somewhere else, but we chose this path for a few key reasons:

It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer polls, and online or in-real-life events (when we decide to turn those on). Plus, I have access to great analytics that will make me smarter and faster about what’s working for you, and what’s not. 

There are more ways for you to meet each other. There are more ways to introduce people who are near each other, who fall into the same categories, and who care about the same topics. We can’t get that in free groups or on a website elsewhere. 

We can bring together more in one place. Right now, we juggle a bunch of services in different places. It doesn’t necessarily allow me to create the best experience for you. By launching this community, we can introduce you to more people, unlock valuable collaborations and exclusive content, and we are freed up to bring you new, fresh ideas and practices to take into your daily life.